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Uitleg invloeden systeem.

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Uitleg invloeden systeem.

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Huisregel: Influences

Voor Influences kiezen we voor systeem dat gebaseerd is op het Mind's Eye Theatre-systeem (MET), maar dan vereenvoudigd.

Wij onderscheiden de volgende 8 invloedssferen:

- Administratie (omvat het vroegere bureaucracy en political infl)

- Criminaliteit (vroeger street en underworld)

- Cultuur & Media (omvat de vroegere sferen media en high society)

- Economie (vroeger finance en industry)

- Gezondheidszorg (heette voorheen health influence)

- Justitie & Veiligheid (omvat police, law en security)

- Onderwijs (heette voorheen university infl, maar dit kan ook bij een technische hogeschool zijn of zo)

- Religie & Occultisme (omvat de vroegere sferen church en occult)

Sommigen vragen zich misschien af: waar is transportation naartoe? Wel, er is geen enkele reden waarom dit niet onder 'Economie' zou kunnen vallen. Of je kan ook een taxi-chauffeur als Contact nemen als je wil. Er is geen nood aan een aparte invloedssfeer hiervoor. En 8 ipv 16 invloedssferen, dat wil zeggen dat het werk van de influence st in één klap gehalveerd wordt.

Verder voeren we de regel in dat je abilities in overeenstemming moeten zijn met je invloed. Dit wil zeggen:

- wie Administratie op 2 wil hebben, moet minstens 1 bolletje hebben in de knowledge Politics. (Voor een score van 1 is er geen requirement)
En als die speler dan gedurende het spel zijn Administratie-invloed naar 3 wil laten groeien, moet politics eerst op 2 worden gebracht met xp. En zo voort, dus telkens 1 level lager in de overeenkomstige abilty dan in de invloedssfeer.

- Criminaliteit: Streetwise-talent of Larceny-skill

- Cultuur & Media: Expression-talent of Perform-skill

- Economie: Finance-knowledge

- Gezondheidszorg: Medicine-knowledge

- Justitie & Veiligheid: Law-knowledge of Investigation-knowledge

- Onderwijs: Academics-knowledge of Science-knowledge

- Religie & Occultisme: Occult-knowledge of Academics (theologie)

Narrator Jourik

Uitleg invloeden systeem

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Invloeden: use-acties


Governmental and business offices, including utilities (water, gas, electricity); the creation and cutting of red tape.
Elected officials: regional and federal representatives and senators, mayors and City Councils, governors and provincial council members.

Level 1: Alter/trace utility bills, expedite minor processes that take time, take advantage of minor bureaucratic loopholes, make files on peoples' traceable activity.
Minor lobbying, identify real platforms of politicians, find out about major donors to campaigns

Level 2: Alter birth certificates/driver's license; temporarily close a small road or park, get inspectors sent to locations, cause delays in applications,
Meet small time politicians, have forewarning of laws forthcoming, get appointments with your representatives, get demographic information., acquire public aid or use a fund-raiser to get funds (2,000 euro per action pt spent)

Level 3: Create false ID's, death certificates, marriage licenses, passports; close a public school for a day; shut down a small business on a violation; connect/disconnect utilities on a block.
Sway or alter political projects, manipulate local committees, lunch with a suburban mayor, get a quick passport or permit, identify agendas of any elected or appointed official.

Level 4: Create false land deeds and titles; initiate phone taps; initiate an tax investigation, an environmental investigation or administrative audit, get untraceable utility service, bog down a lawsuit or investigation in red tape.
Enact minor legislation, dash careers of minor politicians, be a major player in a suburb, be a City Councilor

Level 5: Start, stop, or alter a city-wide program or policy; shut down a big business on a violation; rezone areas; destroy records of a person at the city level, stop a federal investigation.
Get your candidate in minor office, enact more encompassing legislation countywide, control a block of votes on City Council, be a major obstacle to any candidate in the Domain.

Level 6: Arrange a secret audit of a person or business, destroy all identification records on a single person, get entire departments fired or transferred, gain technical immunity from something.
Block the passage of major bills, suspend a major law temporarily, use state bureaus or subcommittees, write a new law.


Homeless people, street gangs, unorganized crime.
Organized crime; prostitution, arms, gambling, fraud, extortion, auto theft, Mafia.
All thugs are mortals with 6 Physicals, 4 Mentals, 3 Socials, 4 Willpower, Brawl 3 and Firearms 2.

Level 1: Have an ear open for the word on the street, identify most gangs and their turfs and habits, know your way around homeless shelters, read graffiti and understand it.
Obtain minor contraband/drugs, find an illegal card game, know a hooker that's not a cop, get someone's car stolen and chopped, know what to do with a stolen credit cards, fence loot and skim from illegal dealings to get cash (2,000 euro per act pt spent)

Level 2: Live mostly without fear on the underside of society, identify any illicit substance, know the survival obstacles of any given neighborhood.
Obtain pistols or melee weapons on short notice, go and get serious drugs, go and get stolen cars, know a wiseguy, send someone a free prostitute, go and get a few stolen credit cards.

Level 3: Arrange some services from street people or gangs, get a building staked out by homeless watchers, put a rumor out on the street.
Get 2 amateur local thugs to rough someone up for you, know where a fence/chop shop/whorehouse/illegal casino is, get a rifle, shotgun, or submachine gun.

Level 4: Mobilize groups of homeless, have a word in almost all gang operations, get a gang to protect someone, plant drugs on someone with a pickpocket.
Get 4 amateur local thugs to shoot a place up for you, have white-collar crime connections, control a single crime ring for 2 weeks, get a place immunized from organized crime.

Level 5: Initiate drive-by shootings, identify regular police informants, start a small two-gang shootout, use the homeless as couriers/information networks/infiltrators.
Get 8 amateur local thugs to make someone disappear, arrange gangland assassinations of non-made guys, get a professional firebug to burn something down, get someone's car wired to blow up.

Level 6: Instigate large scale gang riots, organize homeless demonstrations, target businesses for looting, identify someone as an enemy of the poor, boycott a homeless shelter.
Get teams of local amateur thugs to tear 4 places apart at the same time, get extensive organized crime connections, be the local Don, call in a world-class professional hit man.


Culture and subculture, fame, fashion, trendsetting.
Newspapers, television, radio.

Level 1: Obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows, get the lowdown on obscure subcultural trends, be the first to get that CD/DVD, hear about parties, learn about who's who.
Learn about breaking stories early; submit small articles, know a few reporters to tip, be on college radio, get a letter to the editor published in an underground free press.

Level 2: Track celebrities and luminaries, be a local voice in the entertainment field, get invited to the right parties, sit in the front row, get the sneak preview, earn or ‘borrow’ money (1,000 euro per act pt spent)
Suppress small articles or reports, get investigative reporting information, get a photographer to show up, have a reporter in your pocket, get research done on a subject, trace personal ads.

Level 3: Crush promising careers, get backstage passes to anything, have rich people ask you for trend advice, be well-known in a subculture or social scene.
Initiate news investigations and reports, access media production resources, start a major investigative story, get a TV news crew to show up with satellite feed, make an independent film.

Level 4: Achieve temporary minor celebrity status (Fame 1), skip lines, get VIP treatment everywhere, get hit on by beautiful people, know who is doing what with who, set minor trends.
Initiate a fake story with local attention, influence story selection, get an editor to kill a story, get a TV series to do a local episode, get radio personalities fired, kill an underground magazine.

Level 5: Appear on a talk show, ruin a new club/gallery/festival/other high society gathering, have an annual must-attend party with everybody there, meet visiting celebrities in their hotel rooms.
Initiate a fake story with nationwide attention, get newspaper people fired, affect the storyline of a TV show, change a radio station's format, own an unaffiliated local TV station, stop any one story.

Level 6: Give temporary minor celebrity status to others (+1 level of Fame), have visiting celebrities visit you at home, be the #1 person to sleep with to get ahead.
Get TV personalities fired, control a local newspaper or TV affiliate, create a television show, create a major picture locally, cancel local coverage of a sporting event


All things monetary; banks, investment firms, brokers, etc. All loans are amortized over one year to be paid back incrementally every month.
All kinds of businesses (including transportation), unions. All union thugs are mortals with 6 physicals, 3 socials, 4 mentals, willpower 4, craft 3, and brawl 2.

Level 1: Receive a loan (200,000 euros - payback 240,000), learn about economic trends, get a dozen accounts all over town, run a credit check on someone, identify whether a bill is counterfeit, get up to 3,000 euros in cash per act pt spent.
Learn about industrial projects and movements, union membership, borrow portable tools, learn a trade, get a night job, get your car fixed cheap.
Know a cabbie/subway conductor/airport employee/chauffeur, recognize shipments that are unusual or unscheduled

Level 2: Receive a loan (1,000,000 - payback 1,200,000), trace unsecured bank accounts, identify a person's collateral properties, get an insider stock tip.
Have minor projects performed by small crews, arrange small 'accidents' on the job site, get an expert welder to do a job for you, be known as a good member to a single union
Track a target who's using public transportation, arrange passage within the Domain safe from mundane threats, have a limo available.

Level 3: Receive a loan (4,000,000 - payback 4,800,000), create a secure bank account, access ATM camera tapes, get copies of someone's signature.
Get a union thug to break something, organize minor strikes, appropriate a blast furnace for a short time, get some silver bullets/vehicle armor/torture devices… made.
Seriously hamper a single individual's ability to travel for a few days, travel inconspicuously, smuggle one package every two weeks, have an armored lightproof limousine available.

Level 4: Receive a loan (20,000,000 - payback 24,000,000), delay deposits; credit alterations, interfere with specific stock transactions, cause a tax audit or investigation (BBI).
Close or revitalize a small plant, take over a small plant for two weeks, get anyone booted out of any union, initiate an safety and health inspection or environmental inspection, get a pair of union thugs to burn something down
Shut down one form of mass transit for a few hours, have an entourage with chase cars available, arrange trucker/pilot/shipping strikes, smuggle one shipping crate every two weeks.

Level 5: Receive a loan (100,000,000 - payback 120,000,000), control an aspect of city-wide banking, stop an BBI audit or investigation, foreclose on a small business.
Manipulate a large local industry, organize a major area strike, manufacture a hundred of anything, stop safety and health/environmental inquiries.
Smuggle with impunity, keep a helicopter on station

Level 6: Receive a loan (200,000,000 - payback 240,000,000), manipulate local banking, stop loans, seize accounts, shut down medium-size businesses, send out repo men.
Get a dozen union thugs with diesel equipment to demolish a building, cut off production of a single manufactured resource in the Domain, build a preposterous custom haven.
Have a private Learjet at every area airport, permanently close an airport/train station/dock/truck yard.


Hospitals, blood banks, doctors.

Level 1: Gain 3 blood points per act pt spent, fake vaccination records, get medical supplies (latex gloves, biohazard stickers, syringes), be first in line at the ER, get a wheelchair van delivered.

Level 2: access to minor medical records, get a copy of a coroner's report, get an ambulance to make a run with no record, get a doctor to make a house call.

Level 3: corrupt results of tests or inspections, alter medical records, get a gunshot wound treated quietly, schedule patients for surgeries without their permission.

Level 4: instigate a minor quarantine, acquire a cadaver, destroy medical records, have people institutionalized or released, start an investigation ( by health department or Orde van Geneesheren), abuse grants for personal use (500 euro per act pt spent).

Level 5: have a special research project performed, shut down a business for health code violations, stop an investigation ( by health department or Orde van Geneesheren), close a doctor's office or two.

Level 6: instigate a major quarantine, shut down a hospital, have mass blood samples taken, have a covert autopsy of a paranormal being performed.


Law enforcement personnel, jails, prisons, and police stations. Private detectives
Judges, lawyers, law firms, courtrooms, etc.

Level 1: Get free representation for small cases, have a lawyer who answers his phone, sue people for messing with you, learn about someone's holdings/legal status.
Gather police information and rumors, avoid traffic tickets, understand a scanner, find incarcerated people, ask a patrolman what he's noticed on his beat.
Get security tape footage.

Level 2: Avoid bail for some charges, have minor charges dropped, get a quiet settlement when being sued, get a lawyer to build a complete file on someone, create a screen to slow investigations,
Have license plates checked, avoid minor violations, get a cop to keep an eye on your haven, know a desk sergeant at a precinct house, get rap sheets, learn about current investigations.
Minor contacts at the local security firm - Know security experts-Hire Security for an event.

Level 3: Get good representation, manipulate legal procedures (wills, contracts, etc), start a state investigation, have a lawyer with assistants drown someone in legal briefs.
Find bureau secrets, get copies of an investigation report, have police hassle, harass, book, or detain someone, initiate a local criminal investigation, call in a major helicopter search.
Access court funds; or ‘obtain’ money form the evidence room (1,000 euros per act pt spent).
Access to most known and installed security devices (cameras, alarms ) -Install such an installation without public knowledge - Hire very discreet security personnel that you hand‐picked for the event.

Level 4: Issue subpoenas, tie up court cases, have most charges dropped, cancel or arrange parole, start a federal investigation of some sort (state security or federal police), stop a local investigation.
Access confiscated weapons or contraband; have serious charges dropped, frame someone for a felony, call in a SWAT team, make a police station your haven.
Bypass personal bodyguards and security personnel - Have a say when and where the security will make their rounds and shifts - Hire or fire personnel.

Level 5: Close down a federal investigation, have deportation proceedings held against someone, get warrants revoked, hide ownership of anything, find a legal weakness to exploit.
Institute major multi-branch investigations, arrange setups/stings, have officers fired, frame someone for a series of felonies.
Influence the roads taken by money transports and know when they are taking place. - Run most of the security related events in Ghent and change footage of cameras.

Level 6: Arrange for a court case to be decided however you please, get attorneys disbarred, get judges investigated, seriously threaten anyone with a custom lawsuit, get a law declared unconstitutional
Paralyze departments for a short time, close down any investigation, get someone put on or taken off the Most Wanted list, create a secret illegal task force.


Higher education, research, administration of colleges.

Level 1: Access to low level university resources; obtain copies of school records, get students' social security numbers, identify experts in various fields.

Level 2: Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or skills, get keys to some buildings, fake a registered class schedule.

Level 3: Faculty favors, fix grades, discredit a student, get a term paper written, get an expert to spend time researching for you, 24 hour library access, embezzle research funds (500 euros per act pt spent).

Level 4: Organize student protests and rallies, discredit faculty members, get tenure, have a team of grad students attempt your strange project, send in the campus cops.

Level 5: Falsify an undergraduate degree, run of facilities, get a fraternity banned from a campus, change campus policy, access rare books.

Level 6: Arrange major projects, alter curriculum institution wide, rearrange facilities, fire tenured people, eliminate programs, have buildings built, hand out honorary doctorates


The non-secular world, all faiths.
Secret and fringe groups, libraries, experts and shops specializing in the paranormal.

Level 1: Identify secular members of a given faith in local area, peruse public church records, use a church as a meeting place, get a priest's phone number.
Contact common occult groups and practices, join a fringe religion, learn about new trends or dangers to the occult subculture, acquire candles, bones, crystals, etc. of decent quality, acquire common ritual components (galangal oil, tamarisk, feathers, shiny stones, etc...)

Level 2: Identify higher church members, track congregation members; suspend lay members, get coffee/bibles/Mass for 100 people on short notice, meet with a rabbi/imam/priest wherever you want.
Acquire uncommon ritual components (alchemicaly pure metals, specifically prepared woods, century old finger bones etc...)

Level 3: Open or close a single church/temple/mosque, access private archives of the church, meet with the Bishop, get a house ritually sanctified, manipulate a church-owned charity, steal from the collection plate or dip into church funds (500 euros per act pt spent).
Acquire uncommon ritual components (objects gotten under very specific astrological/magical conditions, a "true" mandrake, etc...), occult tomes, and writings, manipulate a local cult, get a loremaster to answer a question, research a relatively common Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic

Level 4: Discredit or suspend higher-level members, find an average church-associated hunter or exorcist, manipulate a fanatic splinter group, start a heresy/witchcraft investigation.
Know where to find certain supernatural entities, research an uncommon Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic

Level 5: Organize major protests/boycotts, manipulate regional branches, access ancient church lore, identify someone with True Faith or a church-associated hunter group without meeting them.
Access minor magic items, research a rare Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic, meet with a demon/mage/spectre.

Level 6: Borrow or access church relics or sacred items, give a church-associated hunter false orders or information, get a graveyard desanctified, live safely as a Kindred priest
Research and unearth new or unheard of rituals or rites from tomes or writings, research a very Rare Ritual relating to your particular brand of Blood Magic, get local occult practitioners to do Domain-wide rituals, acquire powerful magic items.

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Uitleg invloeden systeem.

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Nieuwe Invloeden mechanics.

Influences blijven bestaan zoals nu, in 6 niveaus gedeeld.
Elk niveau geeft je een aantal actiemogelijkheden. Dit is eigenlijk je niv tot de 2e macht.

- Niv 1: 1 actiemogelijkheid

- Niv 2: 4 actiemogelijkheden

- Niv 3: 9 actiemogelijkheden

- Niv 4: 16 actiemogelijkheden

- Niv 5: 25 actiemogelijkheden

- Niv 6: 36 actiemogelijkheden

Mogelijke acties worden beperkt tot:


Dit is een alomvattende actie die moet gedefinieerd worden door de speler. Hij kan hier actiemogelijkheden aan toekennen naar keuze. Voorbeelden: Vernietiging van invloeden tegenstander (andere speler of npc), Overname van deze invloeden, opbouw verdediging, uitlenen van invloeden aan derden, specifieke gebruiken zoals beschreven in de samenvatting van de invloedsfeer. Men moet niet alleen zeggen wat men doet, maar ook hoe.


Zeer specifieke actie. Dit kan slechts 1 actiemogelijkheid bevatten en de speler moet definieren hoe hij zijn invloeden uitbreidt. Maw gewoon een bericht sturen met 1 AP in grow, is niet langer voldoende.

Pool bestaat niet meer. Hierdoor kun je ook geen defence punten meer ontlenen aan een pool. Je kunt wel nog influence actiepunten aan elkaar uitlenen via de USE actie.


Defence wordt opgebouwd door gebruik van de USE actie. Maximaal 50 punten kunnen in de defence gestopt worden. Deze verminderen elke maand opnieuw met 5het aantal punten gelijk aan je niveau punten. Wie zijn niveau op 50 wil houden, zal dus moeten blijven investeren in zijn defence.


Standaardacties zijn niet langer toegelaten. Je moet dus elke maand contact opnemen met het influences account om je invloeden actief te houden.

Wie zijn invloeden niet gebruikt zal merken dat deze met 1 grow punt omlaag gaan per 2 maanden dat ze niet gebruikt worden. Wie zijn invloeden niet onderhoudt, zal deze verliezen.

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