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Anarch Lore

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Anarch Lore

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Anarch Lore 1
• You know that the Anarch movement stands for the right of Cainites to act as their own self-governing entities, without complete subservience to elders.
• Is aware that Anarchs have a ‘standing’ system which works entirely differently than traditional status systems.
• Has heard of the Convention of Thorns (both the event and the document) but could not recite it.
• You understand the methods by which one might join the Anarch Movement.
• You know about the Second Anarch Revolt (and hence can assume there was a First Anarch Revolt).
• You are aware of the basic ‘titles’ of the Anarch Movement (Herald, Baron, etc.)

Anarch Lore 2
• You have heard of the First Anarch Revolt, wherein neonate "Anarchs" across Europe rose up and diablerized or killed their elders, and of the Inquisition, and know that both the Sabbat and Camarilla formed as a result of them.
• Knows of several interpretations of the Convention of Thorns
• You know the basic history of the Anarch Movement as well as its goals and founding motivations.
• You know of the existence of Factions within the Anarch Movement.
• Understands the ins and outs of the Rep system.
• You know how to contact some of the Anarchs that are near to your area.
• You know of the many Anarch traditions (such as Rants and Raves)
• You know that many of the original participants of the Anarch Revolt became the Sabbat (and that those individuals hold some specific disdain for the modern Anarch Movement).
• You have heard of many famous Anarchs (Smiling Jack, etc.).

Anarch Lore 3
• You are aware of the details regarding the formation of the Sabbat and Camarilla, and have read the Treaty of Thorns. You hear that the initial wave of the revolt was sparked by the attempted assassination of Hardestadt by a Brujah Anarch named Patricia Bollingbroke. You know about the concept of "The Return" as pertaining to those first-wave Anarchs who allied with the Camarilla.
• You know a great deal about not only the formation of the Free State, but also have a clear idea of what factors led to its decline.
• You are able to readily identify many Anarch held territories within your Region.
• Understands the different Anarch factions (Loyal Opposition, Radicals, Militants, Hardliners)
• Aware of prominent Anarchs
• You have read such works as the Anarch Manifesto and the Status Prefectus.
• You know of a small number of the Anarch-specific blood abilities (combination disciplines).
• You know that the Camarilla is a union of elders and Anarch apologists and the Sabbat are originally a faction of Anarchs that escalated

Anarch Lore 4
• Knows something of the more in-depth causes (and effects) that began the founding of the Anarch Movement.
• You are well versed in many different interpretations and versions of the Anarch Manifesto as well as the Status Prefectus.
• Knows about the Golden Age of Piracy as well as its connotations within the Anarch Movement.
• You are aware of all Anarch held territories within your Nation.
• Has heard the legends of the great Anarchs (Galaric, Troile, Caine) though specific details of their actions are somewhat unclear.
• Knows that Thaumaturgists exist within the Anarch Movement and may have many rituals and abilities unique to the Movement.
• You know most Anarchs within your Region at least by name and/or general reputation.

Anarch Lore 5
• Knows the entire history of the Anarch Movement, past and present as well as specific details regarding its participants and their specific motivations.
• Can name any Anarch territory currently active anywhere in the globe (within reason).
• You have some insight into the ancient prophecies revolving around thin bloods and revolution.
• Have heard of (or perhaps possess) passages within the Book of Nod that deal with revolts in Kindred history.

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